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If you are a registered vehicle dealer, looking to advertise on Campers4Sale, please complete the form below and we’ll respond within 2 days. If you would like to speak to us before this time, you can call 0800 066 2898.

Our website and social media reach extends to hundreds of thousands of a specific demographic, all looking to purchase a motorhome or campervan.

Business Advertisements (disclosure) Order 1977

Advertisements are accepted on the understanding that they comply with the Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order 1977 which requires all advertisements placed by persons who seek to sell goods, in the course of a business, to make that fact clear in the wording of their advertisements. All trade adverts are identified by the traders name in the top right hand corner of the advert.

Take Advantage of Dealer Network


Here at Campers4Sale we’re always looking for new ways to help dealers sell more vehicles, with less hassle, and we’ve come up with a tool we think you’ll really like.

Welcome to the new “Dealer Network” function within the Campers4Sale platform, this great addition is exclusively available to all dealers registered with our website, for FREE. So how can it help with your business?

We understand that all dealers make their profits by selling vehicles to retail customers, but on occasion, selling your vehicle to a trade buyer makes perfect sense and can return a decent profit too. Stock rotation and sourcing the right vehicle for your customers are also two major benefits.

Buying With Dealer Network

Need to source a new or used motorhome for a customer?

Looking for stock?

After spending hours with a prospective customer only to find he’s decided to buy the specification, make or model you don’t have in stock can be infuriating. The beauty of Campers4Sale’s Dealer Network, is that you have access to a massive inventory of vehicles which you perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily stock.

It couldn’t be simpler. If you are a dealer with a Campers4Sale account, simply ensure you’re logged in and all will become clear. When logged in to C4S, any registered dealer will be able to view Dealer Network prices, which will be shown in blue, labelled “Dealer Price”.

Ordinary website visitors will be unable to see these price labels, so it is exclusive to registered dealers. Scan the pages or use search filters to see which dealer has what you are looking for and is happy to trade it. Contact the selling dealer, arrange the purchase and organise logistics.

Selling With Dealer Network

Trade retail vehicles for profit.

Dispose of overage stock without taking big losses.

We all know that holding stock too long on a forecourt costs money and reduces profit margins. So why persist with slow moving stock, when having the cash working for you would be far more sensible? By reducing the price slightly, and selling it to another dealer, you can generate cash and reinvest in stock which is more saleable.

Should you wish to sell a vehicle at a reduced price to another dealer, simply go to your account, press ‘Edit’ on the vehicle in question and enter a “Dealer Price” where indicated. This price is 100% down to you. Desirable vehicle = higher price, and perhaps older stock you hope to move on = lower price…it’s your choice. If you don’t enter any value into the “Dealer Price’” field, nothing will be displayed.

Find Adventure Wherever You Go

Find Adventure Wherever You Go


Many dealers remain open for virtual viewings plus Click-&-Collect services. The law dictates that Click-&-Collect actually offers you added security. If the vehicle doesn't match the description given by the dealer or doesn't meet your expectations, you may have 14 days to return the vehicle.

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